The new TRACK> 3.0 Rollator

Track 3.0 Rollator Walker“With the double folding mechanism, all the accessories and it's light-weight, the TRACK> 3.0 Rollator takes you anywhere in style and comfort!"

We are proud to present our TRACK> 3.0, rollator, a groundbreaking alternative for a - deserved - demanding group of customers. Compact, complete and looking good!

The one characteristic that really makes the TRACK> different from it's competition is it's ability to fold twice! Not only is it ultra lightweight, but because you are able to fold it both vertically and horizontally and it weights only 15.43 lbs, the TRACK> can be handled and carried with just one hand. This allows you to easily fold and hide the rollator under a coatrack or a chair when it is not being used

All accessories included. A second benefit of buying the TRACK> is that it is delivered standard with accessories included! There are no hidden costs since the TRACK> is already equipped with: a walking stick holder, an easy to carry and good looking bag, a net bag, a light, 8 reflectors, parking break, ergonomie handles, detachable back strap with name tag and small storage bag, a carry bag, a sturdy, serving tray and a lifting pedal.

And true to the WheelzAhead® brand, all materials used for the TRACK> are the latest ones out there, worked into a stylish design. Check out the hidden braking cables for instance. They way we have incorporated them into the design makes the TRACK> safer, easier to use and much better looking!

$ 399,95

Length: 26.57"

Total width: 25.19" 
Height: 31.69 - 36.81" 
Measurements when folded 1x: 26.57" x 7.28" x 31.69"
Measurements when folded 2x: 34.65" x 9.05" x 14.21"

Height of seat: 22.04" 
Width of seat: 18.11" 
Depth of seat: 8.85"
Wheel size: 8"
Weight capacity: 297 Lbs 

Total weight: 15.43 Lbs

Double folding mechanism with "easy-click"
Light weight
Smooth swiveling wheels with no dead points
Ergonomically designed handlebars
Height adjustable handlebars
Padded back strap and seating area
Height adjustable handlebars
Large wheels with soft threaded tires
Curb climber
Brakes and parking brakes
All accessories included

1 Tray plate

1 Padded back strap + name card holder
1 Padded seating area
1 Travel bag
1 Mesh bag
1 Shoulder bag
1 Pouch
1 Cane holder
1 LED Safety light
8 Reflectors